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Intuitive Success Coaching for driven, unconventional women who want it all. 

Liivi's work unlocks deep transformation guiding you to Trust Yourself, Conquer Fear and Claim Your Genius.


Yoga jewelry for the visionary creative free-spirited woman.

Discover mala necklaces, the chakra collection, and Pure Prana lotus charm bracelets.

Take control of your health with ancestral nutrition and natural wellness. Discover what to eat, how to move and how to design a lifestyle that maximizes your genetic potential.

Discover our nomadic lifestyle where we traveled for 1.5 years and ran our online business from 12 different countries.

Ever wondered about the ingredients in your pet food? We believe dogs shouldn't be raised on cornmeal. Discover how to keep pets healthy with progressive holistic care.

Hair loss, for both men and women, can signal underlying health issues. Simple natural lifestyle shifts can keep hair looking great regardless of your age.

Will is on a mission to make high-quality, holistic-minded alcoholic drinks. His grassroots efforts include making wine and cider from wild-harvested and homegrown fruit.

This site documents his adventures in brewing and fermenting, and helps other enthusiasts source the best ingredients and equipment.



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